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GammaMat TSI SE Exposure Device


NOTE: GammaMat TSI SE Exposure Device is currenty not available for sale in North America at this time, as it undergoes Canadian certification process. 

Highly Portable Se-75 Gamma Ray Projector
The GammaMat SE is a gamma ray projector with unparalleled handiness and extremely low weight. The use of Se-75 radiation source yields improved image quality. The longer half-life and simplified radiation protection result in substantial cost savings. Compared to cameras that use Ir-192 sources, it can be safely used in smaller controlled test areas.

Low Weight
The GammaMat SE is a gamma ray projector that has a uniquely low weight and unrivalled portability. It can be loaded with up to 80 Curies of Se-75. The weight of this container is only 7.2 kg (16 lb).

Unparalleled Safety
A green/red indicator shows whether the source is in the safe position. This indicator is easily visible, even from a distance.

Radiation Characteristics
The Se-75 gamma ray spectrum covers the energy range from 66 keV to 401 keV. Two lines of high intensity, at 137 keV and 265 keV, dominate the spectrum. The radiation characteristics are between Yb-169 towards the lower energies, and Ir-192, towards the higher energies. This makes Se-75 the ideal choice for gamma radiography for a steel wall thickness range of approximately 5 to 30 mm (0.2" to 1.18"). Se-75 provides significantly higher image quality than Ir-192.

Regulatory Approvals
The GammaMat SE gamma ray projector using Se-75 has been designed to comply with the latest versions of the national and international safety standards, including ISO 3999:2000.

Se-75 in special form, half-life: 119.8 days

Activity (Maximum)
TSI SE: 135 Ci (4.4 TBq )

Dose Rate at the Surface
Max. 2 mSv/h (200 mR/h)

Applicable Temperature Range
-40C up to +50C Exceeding ISO 3999:2000, 5.1.4

Depleted Uranium Weight
TSI SE: 2.7 kg (6 lb)

Overall Dimensions
Length: 220 mm (8.7") Width: 100 mm (3.9") Height: 175 mm (6.9")

Depleted Uranium U-235


  • Remote controls: 5, 10, 15 m
  • Guide tubes: 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 m
  • Collimators: 60, 90 and 360
On the right, GammaMat SE Exposure Device